How to boost traffic to your blog/website from Pinterest?

Make use of this free yet strong social platform to boost your site traffic from Pinterest!

Are you trying hard to optimize your blogs to reach more people? Well, we all are! Organic traffic through SEO is the prime desire. But, with all these hard-work and careful choices of long tail keywords what if you still don’t see your site indexed with Google’s search engine that well?

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So now, what if I tell you that you can drive organic traffic through a free platform called Pinterest just by registering an account and claiming your site there? YES!!

Pinterest has an advantage of being a part of the social media platform because majority of us tend to spend most of our time scrolling through those infinite pages in search of ‘attractive updates’.

Moreover, the traffic or visitors that you get from Pinterest is high quality as all of those will be through organic sources.

How does Pinterest work?

Ever tried saving images/videos of your favorite science-fictional characters to your local drive to use it later, maybe for a wallpaper?

Just imagine, your collection of images being made online and is visible to everyone across the internet. Now people from all over the world is able to see your collection(board) and when tries to click/access one of your saved images(pins), it redirects him/her to that website from where you downloaded the image/video. That way, the website is back in the limelight!

That’s the exact concept.

According to a study done by eMarketer, Pinterest is the second largest social network in the US. (after Facebook) that helps people discover new products and indirectly influences their buying decision.

If you are following people on Pinterest, you will see their ‘pinned’ images & videos in your news feed, just like Facebook and Instagram. You being an end user, find an image from your news feed attractive and ‘pin’ it to your Pinterest account, which is again visible to everyone.

Also, Pinterest’s world class AI technology enables your feed to show only those content that are related to the topics you have followed. Rest part of the job is similar to Facebook and Instagram where your feed’s content diversifies as and when you follow more new topics and Pinterest users.

Now, the image that you pinned, will have a link to the original website(source) from where it was pinned into Pinterest by a user. So if anyone, taps on the pinned content, it will redirect the user back to the original website of which the pinned content belongs to. That way, the website builds traffic.

This is how a Pinterest home feed looks like

Scrolling through several saved pins and boards(collections of similar pinned content) of people you follow, and doing a bit of analysis and research, gives you the ability to understand the interests and liking of people around and start building up your own boards by pinning visual content related to the content you create in your blog/website and saving multiple categorized boards to your profile.

Pinterest also allows you to automatically import content from your verified site(process covered below) straight to your Pinterest boards through RSS feeds integration.

Once you have started interacting by adding comments/suggestions/opinions to others’ pinned content, you should be able to build up a good audience base(followers) to your Pinterest profile and that is when you need to claim your website/blog in Pinterest and start pinning content from your website, so that it is visible to your audience.

In the above image, as you can see, another Pinterest user has saved one of my pins to his board, which I had originally pinned from my website on my Pinterest profile. Now, as he himself or his audience clicks on that pinned image of mine, it will redirect that user to my website.

Cool enough, isn’t it?

Process to claim your website on Pinterest:

  1. Click here to get a Pinterest Business Account.
  2. Click here to claim your website with few simple steps.
  3. For WordPress users having Business plan and above, my personal recommendation would be to download the Yoast SEO plugin and follow the steps below to paste the Pinterest HTML tag in your website:
  • Under WordPress My Site-Tools-Plugins, click on SEO:

  • Click Social and then Pinterest.

  • Under Pinterest, simply paste the HTML tag you copied earlier. Hit save and you are done.
  • You will get an email from Pinterest within 24 hours confirming your site validation. Refer images below.

Happy Pinning!

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6 thoughts on “How to boost traffic to your blog/website from Pinterest?”

  1. mathtuition88 –

    So far the RSS feed auto posting doesn’t seem to work for me. Does each blog post have to be a single image for it to work? Or can it be image surrounded by text?

    1. Admin – Bangalore, India – An avid traveler and blogger. Visit my website to know more about my work.

      Hey! It can be images and texts. I would suggest you to go the website version of Pinterest and follow the instructions there to enable RSS feed auto posting from your website to Pinterest. So far, it has been working fine for me.

      1. mathtuition88 –

        Thanks! I just received this message from Pinterest:

        Pinterest can’t find images in your feed. Please make sure your feed has high quality images in , or tags under each tag.

        Any experience with this error?

        1. Admin – Bangalore, India – An avid traveler and blogger. Visit my website to know more about my work.

          Nope, I haven’t faced this issue ever. If you enable RSS feed successfully, Pinterest should auto detect your images and add them to your default board. You can check my Pinterest account for reference. You may please try reaching out to Pinterest’s help section.

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