How to add a Recurring Payments button to your WordPress posts/pages?

Looking to set up a Recurring Payments button to your blog post? Here’s how you can do it with these simple steps!

Recurring Payments button set-up:

This is used when you want your visitors to subscribe to one of your services and pay you at the end of their renewal period-which is generally a month. You need to have a Stripe account registration in order to use it. Don’t worry, even if you don’t have one now, you can create it by following the simple steps while setting up the button.

  1. On your blog post, hit the ‘plus’ icon to insert a block and select Recurring Payments button.

2. It will appear as below:

3. Hit the Connect button which will direct you to Stripe to continue setting up your Stripe account. In case you already have a Stripe account, choose “Already have Stripe account” in the window that opens. You’ll be prompted to log in.

4. Once you are connected to Stripe, you may navigate back to your WordPress blog/page where you were setting up your Payments button and click the “Re-check Connection” link in your Recurring Payments button block. Once you click “Re-check Connection”, all the setup options will appear.

5. You are almost ready to publish your Payments button now. Follow the steps below and provide the required information to set up your fees and subscription duration.

6. There is a certain percentage of fees you need to pay WordPress each time you receive a payment. You may click here to know more about the charges.

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