Golden hours – A photographer’s delight!

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The evolution of “photogenic ideas” since eternity with the help of the Sun

Shot by Jayant Mandal at Pondicherry, India

Are you waiting for the golden hours to steal the perfect shot out of the gleam from the Sun’s glow? Well, I hope you get lucky!

Lighting is the major contributor to any kind of photography. Photographers use reflectors and flash-lights to compensate for poor lighting conditions while others arrange to manipulate extra light by Polarizers and lens hoods.

Golden hour is that time of the day when the reddish-orange glow of the Sun gives way to many amazing photographic outputs-mainly portrait shots. Either before sunrise or just after sunset, many skilled photographers make use of the natural “golden” light to produce their desired photographic outputs.

I shot the above image at Pondicherry, India just before sunset when the Sun was low and its rays brilliantly reflected through the small and shiny body of the snail kept on fingers.

There are specific camera settings required to tune your DSLR with so that it gets you the desired image with minimal time loss and efforts. Here’s a piece of information for you to train yourself on the perfect camera mode and settings needed to produce brilliant images during golden hours.

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