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The stepping stone for every wildlife photographer

Images shot by Jayant Mandal

I started birding after getting inspired by few NatGeo featured wildlife photographers and that was when I decided to shop good telephoto lenses for my Nikon D7200 DSLR.

I clicked these images on my weekend trips in Bangalore, India to Madivala Lake, Ulsoor Lake and Hebbal Lake.

After an extensive research on some premium brands like Nikon, Tamron and Sigma, I zeroed in on the Tamron 100-400 mm telephoto lens.

It took me a while to get used to the manual mode of photography, which is considered best while clicking wildlife. Still, it depends on how comfortable one is with either of the modes-Auto and Manual.

Birds in motion, rapid wing-flaps, flying after catching a prey and water splashes from bird-bathing/bird-diving are few of the sights every wildlife photographer wishes to capture. The photography mode used to capture these kind of shots is called burst mode. Burst mode coupled with a good tripod can deliver superb looking sharp images of birds in any kind of motion.

Wildlife photography is all about the intense desire to take that perfect shot that may just arrive after an ocean of patience. There’s a lot to learn about the perfect camera settings for a capturing a specific kind of image at a given place and time. There are a lot of YouTube videos that will guide you with the different aspects of wildlife photography.

Personally, this is where I learnt majority of the photography basics.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

The above images are all clicked by me and are among the few best I have shot till date. Hope you all like my snaps and give your reviews in comments.

In case you are interested in wildlife photography like me, this is who I follow the most in Instagram and consider among the best wildlife photographers.

Varun Aditya

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