Symbol of power, freedom and speed.

Not just a bird, but a motivation and guide to life!

Ever wondered how eagles avoid rains? By flying over the clouds!

So it’s not always about ignorance or avoidance towards a problem in life but about finding a smarter solution.

Eagles can fly high to altitudes where many birds fail to reach. Sounds like a life lesson? It might ignite your will to soar higher in life by being qualified enough than the others in the vicinity of your competition.

You will hardly notice them in groups. They generally fly alone. Implies independence? Well, yes that is important in life to survive. When the dream is yours, strive hard to make it yours without anyone taking the credits of lending you a shoulder to achieve it.

Eagles are strong and fast. Along with these characteristics, they use their superior focus to track a prey until it’s caught. This indicates, opportunities may or may not knock twice, you need to be aware of how well to maintain your focus and strength to grab it silently in the first go.

Can you think of any other life lessons an eagle teaches us? Feel free to share in the comments 🙂

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