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What is better than feeding innocent beings we encounter every day?

Image shot by Jayant Mandal

I found this picture while scrolling through my gallery archives. This little birdie sipping water caught my attention and I felt the need to write on the immediate requirement of thinking of ways to help them.

Here’s a blog from the team of that would give you some insights, updates and the need of feeding our small, helpless and needy animal friends we encounter almost every day. After all, Earth is their home too.

Birds, on a large number, die every year across the world and one of the major causes is water scarcity and water pollution. We should think of and come out with creative ways to help these little ones quench their thirst.

We all will always have several containers of varying sizes and shapes at our homes that might just be extra. We could put those to use by filling with water and placing them in open areas like backyards and gardens where our little friends could visit and quench their thirst. Earthen containers are always great for storing water as these are known for keeping it cool over time.

You know your home and surroundings better. Birds are sensitive so look around for elevated places that are safe from external hazard-causing materials and place these containers with water where birds can fly down, sit and sip comfortably without any alarming sense of fear.

Here are some ideas for you to help thirsty birds with minimum set-up and cost:

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