Necessity of a leap in life

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In a state of stagnancy? Take a leap!

Images shot by Jayant Mandal. All rights reserved.

Ever wondered what if our lives were not dynamic? What if we led monotonous, dull and non-challenging lives? What if we never strove enough to achieve our desired goals?

Or, what if we are scared to take a leap to be where our minds want us to? Are we missing/lacking that self-boost?

Well, little Mr. Squirrel is here today to ignite your long lost motivation and make you understand that when being so small in between the big branches and trees, if he can so can you!

I shot these images at Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India during a casual weekend stroll. These were taken in my Nikon D7200 with a telephoto lens in burst mode. Want to learn the importance of clicking in burst mode? Well it never lets you miss an action in between moments.

Tap here to learn how to click images in burst mode from this YouTube video.

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