The sellers of happiness

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They sell you happiness but themselves can’t afford to taste the joy of it…

Image shot by Jayant Mandal. All rights reserved.

Do you remember getting attracted to merchandise like balloons, heart-shaped candies and bubble-blowers being sold by small road-side vendors, or to term them appropriately-hawkers?

Well, it still continues to attract my attention however the only difference now is that it’s not the products, but the hawkers!

I shot this image at Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India. This young lad is seen selling bubble-blowers to the forever busy crowd of Bangalore.

How many of these, do you think, is he able to sell off in a day? Well, in today’s era of technological amusements, any of us would hardly be pleased enough to pay for these inexpensive out-of-the-time instruments of joy.

Don’t you agree?

The only sight that drives my thoughts are questions like-is he the bread-earner of his family? Is he the only one? If so, then how does he manage to pull off two square meals a day amidst today’s frequent price inflation?

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