On a rainy Sunday afternoon

Cup of coffee and memories?

Rainy Sunday afternoon
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What are your usual thoughts when you encounter sudden unexpected rain on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

Temptation for a cup of coffee while gazing through the dripping water droplets on the window panes is quite conventional.

When you encounter the sudden pouring sound, do you just grab your mobile to try and click a brilliant “droplets-on-the -glass’ picture? Well that’s the first thought that strikes me instantly upon realizing it’s raining.

Tea/coffee becomes a necessity that time, doesn’t it?

Not only that, but there are other feelings and thoughts that might flow through your minds the moment you smell the cold breeze carrying the fragrance of wet clay. Childhood memories of sailing paper boats? Playing outdoors and getting wet while running back home?

Being with your special one the last time it rained?

Keep gazing through the window, the peaceful dripping sound of nature will get you more flashbacks 🙂

Well, rains do drive us back into our memory lanes. It washes out the dirt from over memories that got accumulated over time; making one either crumble with dismay or rejoice with a smile!

So what indulges you while looking out of the window on a rainy day? Share with us in the comments below if you feel like 🙂

Enjoy listening to nature!

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