Sunsets – One of the most soothing views from Mother Nature

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Sunsets are so beautiful & magnificent, every time in different shades!

© ClixGallery | Jayant Mandal
Sunsets and golden hour

An everyday-moment in our lives however how many of us really get a chance to witness these colors and shades frequently?

We all must have witnessed Sunsets at least more than once in our lives. Do you recall your last memory of a “peaceful” sunset-watch? Were you there with a friend, or a colleague after satisfyingly finishing your hectic chores at work, with a cup of tea? Or with someone close to your heart who made you wish that, that moment freezes forever? Please share your memories in comments, if you feel like 🙂

It’s an everyday phenomena. Still, the beauty it spreads out in the sky when the Sun departs and makes way for the Moon, is beyond expression. Every sunsets are not alike, because the shades of orange, red and yellow, always mix up differently to magnificently lit up the sky!

I shot this picture at Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore. Of course, on a weekend(lol). I was there to click pictures of birds on my Nikon D7200 accompanied by Tamron 100-400 mm telephoto lens. Here are few images I took that day:


Hope you like them and let me know your reviews in comments 🙂

© ClixGallery | Jayant Mandal
Sunsets and golden hour

Here’s another picture from the same day. It was clicked much before the “sunset effect” started to glow in the sky. One could “feel” the shimmering view created by the Sun on the lake as a reflection and an intimation of the arrival of beautiful shades in sometime!

Next time, you happen to witness this beautiful moment, pause, reflect and be grateful because not everyone would be blessed to witness beautiful momentary things in life!

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