The cure for depression? The four-legged angels!

The best cure for depression as per me, is cuddling a pup! Ever experienced playing with a puppy and letting him/her lick you? Trust me, that’s what real happiness is all about coupled with the joy of holding a playful adorable pup in your hands wagging its tail out of excitement!

Meet Jasmine, an adorably cute Golden Retriever puppy

Scared of dogs? Ever played with one? One of the most astounding feelings of joy comes in the company of a dog or a cute puppy or even better, cute puppies!

This is from a day back in June this year(2019) when one of my friends(in the image) adopted a two months’ old Golden Retriever puppy named Jasmine and wanted me to take some pictures for her to frame.

I am used to clicking pictures of birds and animals from a distance using my Tamron 100-400 mm telephoto lens.

However at that time, being a beginner, I was quite unsure of snapping this little happy fur-ball running around in the park as it was her first day out since she was introduced to her new family 🙂 Indeed an adorable cute puppy she is!!

I have uploaded the best ones out of the hundreds I clicked that day(lol)! These pictures were taken in Cubbon Park, Bangalore, India.

She was happy and excited a lot seeing new people and fellow dogs who were there with their owners for a morning stroll.

Other dogs and puppies present in Cubbon Park seemed to like Jasmine a lot, as most of them came running to her, sniffed her for sometime while few tried licking but she didn’t allow that

While on the way back, Jasmine got tired and fell asleep on my friend’s lap as she had played and ran quite a lot beyond her “little” capacity. It was adorable as she clung to my friend’s arms with her forelegs after calling it a hectic day-out!

I haven’t got the opportunity to meet Jasmine again but I keep hearing about her from my friend, Sri. She has grown up to become a naughty playful and adorable Golden Retriever!

Watch this video to know more about taking care of your Golden Retriever pups!

If you are depressed and looking towards a cure for your depression, adopt a pup. Don’t go for purchasing an exotic breed as it encourages the cruel act of breeding through which a dog undergoes several means of tortures.

Playing with a pup and watching it grow with you delivers immense joy and satisfaction. I would say the cure for depression lies being in the company of a pet dog. That’s why therapy dogs are so popular in hospitals treating patients with mental issues.

Being in the company of dogs eases stress, depression and anxiety. A happy mind leads to a healthier body. There’s no happiness in the world compared to that we get from being in the company of dogs and cute puppies.

There’s one important thing however that I would want to mention and request everyone to follow: Never “buy” puppies or dogs from breeders or pet markets. You can never imagine out of what brutal atmosphere these puppies are brought from! Read this article to know more about reasons as to why most of the pet markets are just cruel places to visit.

Do you own a dog? How long has it been since he/she has been a part of your family? Do let us know your stories in comments below!

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