Street glimpse|Bangalore, India

Here’s a view from one of the most crowded lanes in Bangalore!

Dargah Hazrat Tawakkal Shah Mastan mosque
© ClixGallery | Jayant Mandal

This beautiful Mosque is located in Chickpet area of Bangalore. This is one of those places one would refer to as old Bangalore sighting the narrow crowded lanes, structure of buildings, aged road-side vendors on either sides of a road, shops and hotels that date back to 1970s and some even older.

If one would refer to Bangalore’s traffic being crazy, he/she should experience Chickpet!

I’m a kind of person who is easily attracted by old monuments, places, architecture, ruins and likewise things. My travel list(imaginary one) would certainly prioritize Ajanta & Ellora Caves over Goa!

History has its own charm which can’t be altered; its beauty remains so forever – to be experienced over and over again with the same feel.

© ClixGallery | Jayant Mandal

Is that an expression of regrets? It could also be of dismay over not having made a good sale through the day. Looking at him and few other aged vendors there, I wonder since how many years they have been starting their day sitting at the same place hoping to make some decent business before calling it a day!

© ClixGallery | Jayant Mandal

Among the several vendors fighting it out for survival in these crowded old lanes, here’s another group setting up their shop probably with a hope to make both ends meet.

Here’s a link to guide you with the best places for street photography in Bangalore.

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