Wait for another year begins…

Image shot by © Jayant Mandal

Yesterday, Dashami marked the last day of Durga Puja-the grand Indian festival the country and majorly Bengalis wait for. Every year it is awaited with enormous excitement and enthusiasm and is celebrated with double the joy starting Panchami through Dashami. I would say, if India is to be known well, this is the time one should visit Kolkata, West Bengal to witness the unity the City of Joy has to offer through its crowd, joyous and happy faces, brightly lit streets and of course, the attraction centers what we call as Puja Pandals that start getting built 3-4 months prior to this grand occasion. The last day, Dashami, is an emotion for Bengalis where they are all left with heavy hearts as The Goddess departs for her in-laws’ home marking the beginning of another year’s wait. I’m personally in tears on Dashami like several others here in Kolkata who find it sad to witness Maa Durga departing after a few days of staying at home, with us and it’ll be a year until we all get to see her again…

I was on a flight back to Bangalore from Kolkata last night and here is how the city looked from above. Though I was unable to take clear shots from the plane, I have left a video for you all to witness the same from another source.

Here is another video symbolizing the elegance of Durga Puja in Kolkata, India.

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