The Lanes of Old Kolkata

There’s no stopping here, if you do, you would be pushed by someone to make his/her way out! Welcome to the streets of old Kolkata.

Image shot by © Jayant Mandal

These busy people symbolize one important thing, life must go on. It’s like driving on a highway, follow a lane and maintain a constant speed, else get knocked down! The funnier side is, you wouldn’t find anyone idle, except for the lady in the second click, where probably she sat down to relax after finishing her daily chores. A man in the same snap, is seen chatting with a road-side paan-wala who is supposedly not having a good sale due to the city being occupied with festivities.

Image shot by © Jayant Mandal

I personally get nostalgic and feel attached with this city and its surroundings everytime I happen to visit my hometown. Being out of Kolkata and Bengal for so many years now, I somehow miss these crowded streets, people hastily passing by, the Bengali language and the fact that I belong 🙂

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