Matir bhar e cha | “Matir bhar” or earthen-cups or “Kulhar”

In the “City of Joy” or Kolkata, India, “matir bhar e cha” is an emotion every Bengali safeguards in his/her heart!

What we usually have an option for in other cities today are actually the defaults still at Kolkata, India. “Matir bhar e cha” is just the best of all things to try when one happens to visit the city of joy, Kolkata, India.

I personally miss having tea in clay cups and end up opting to take sips in these by paying “extra”. Yes, in Bangalore, we too have quite a few tea shops/restaurants where they have an option of giving away tea in clay cups at an extra cost. Also, the clay cups available in Kolkata possess a slightly different look and feel than the ones given in Bangalore.

Not quite sure what others feel, however when I take a sip in these clay containers, I could recall a different taste so good which I have now almost left back, thousands of kilometers away, in my hometown.

Image shot in Kolkata by © Jayant Mandal

Earthen cups or “matir bhar” hold a unique and beautiful nostalgia among bengalis as that is in which they prefer to have tea rather than plastic or paper cups.

The sip of hot tea in a “matir bhar” coupled with newspaper and biscuits sitting at a roadside tea-stall with a group of friends amidst discussion on a trending political topic, just paves way to a terrific start of a day!

Here’s a video to all art enthusiasts who are keen on learning earthen-stuff or “Matir bhar” painting:

Giving away “cha” or tea in Kolkata in “matir bhar” has been an age old tradition and it’s beautiful seeing this continue till today. If you happen to be in the City of Joy-Kolkata and have stepped out early morning, you will definitely come across tea-stalls or “cha er dokan” where they would be already selling tea in “matir bhar”s. Trust me, the breeze of a fresh morning coupled with “matir bhar e cha” or tea in earthen/clay cups, is unparalleled.

Not only on streets but also in railway stations in the Indian state of West Bengal, “matir bhar e cha” is an age old craze and most of the people passing by would stop for a “cha er bhar” or tea in an earthen cup.

Moreover these are not re-used as such and thrown after single use. Also, don’t have expectations like these may cost you a fortune! Absolutely not, as “cha” or tea in Kolkata or India for that matter, is an everyday stuff and hence you may enjoy your “matir bhar e cha” in a max of INR 10.

So, when you happen to be in the City of Joy or Kolkata, “matir bhar e cha” must be on the top of your list of shortlisted items to taste in the city! Trust me, hot tea served in clay cups taste just the best!

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